Black Cardboard SWALLOW

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Seeds Pictures

These are birds made of seeds (lentil, corn, and sunflower). They are made by the kids that visit…

paper plate stork


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Fall Trees

The kids that took part in the Saturday workshop of The Group for Kid’s Theater “Camel” in the of…


Migratory birds

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Glue-less printable PEACOCK

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Paper birds

Great idea for paper birds! They are made by the kids from the kids from the “Step” workshop in Sofia…


Easter Wreaths + templates

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Easter Hen – Egg Carton and Cardboard

Easter Hen – Egg Carton and Cardboard

Easter Hen – made by the children from “The kid’s House”, Varna ( Bulgaria). You need: template Cardboard Egg…

Baby Chick - Easter craft

Baby Chick – Easter craft

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paper hens


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Animals from empty toilet paper rolls

Animals from empty toilet paper rolls

Great idea for paper animals! They are made by the kids from the kids from the “Step” workshop in Sofia…


Sparrows in winter

Sparrows in winter. What do birds that stay in the winter do during the cold months. Are they…


Big Cardboard Birds

Big motley birds perched on our fence:) Great fun for the summer days, especially if yo have enough…

Нощни птици - апликация

Nocturnal Birds

A nocturnal bird, made from glued white pieces of paper – an idea that came from the kids…


Bird Stories

These are the naughty birds of Iva, Dari and Vyara (The Land Beyond the Rainbow). You need fast-drying…


Delicious Owls

These tasty owls were prepared by Kids in the Kitchen from the KREATIVNOST association. The classes take place…

A Chicken that Can Flap Wings

A Chicken that Can Flap Wings

  The kids from the KREATIVNOST association have made these cute chickens with flapping wings. You need two…

Sticky Notes Decorated Birds

Sticky Notes Decorated Birds

You need a circle-shaped object (we used a cup and a pot lid) to draw a circle. Cut it…


Five Spring Ideas from Plastic Spoons

Have a look at these 5 spring ideas made with the help of ordinary plastic spoons. Rabbits –…


SYMMETRY – fold and cut

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Three ideas with eye make up remover pads

  1. Stork 2. Snow town We saw this idea at the kids from 1st grade, Vassil Levski…

Spring postcard with a stork

Spring postcard with a stork

Print the template from print.KROKOTAK  You need a red sheet of paper from which to cut: two red stripes,…


Owl’s stories :)

Have a look at this great idea presented by Fantasy – Extracurricular activities – a decoration of autumn…

Бухал от хартия - изрежи, прегъни и сглоби

Paper owl – cut, fold and assemble

This owl is part of KROKOTAK’s book  “Paper animals cut and fold”. It’s good for kids aged over…

Бухал от кесия

DIY owl from an empty paper bag

Let’s make an owl from an empty paper bag together with the kids from the KREATIVNOST  association. You…

Кокошки-папие маше

Papier mache hens – directly from Lithuania

We received the photos of these beautiful hens from Lithuania. They were sent to us by the primary…


Fluffy chickens

You will need just yellow thread and a fork. Roll the thread around the tines of the fork….

Поставка за яйце – Гересто петле!Поставка за яйце – Гересто петле!

Easter egg stand – rooster

Have a look at this nice colourful piece of art for the Easter Holidays, made by the kids…


3 Easter ideas from our mail

We may consider the teachers from Prolet kindergarten in Sevlievo as part of the KROKOTAK team. They have…


Funny collage for small kids

  This is a very easy for cut and colour collage of a merry hen. You can stick…


Chicken from kitchen gloves

Well, I think you have unveiled the mystery of how to make these hens:) You will need a…


Origami hen

Merry hens – origami, made from coloured paper – they are easy to make and suitable for every…


Masks (hats) for kids

  See how to make your DIY hat-masks for little kids. Kids, when they are small, they cannot…


Paper birds for colouring – easy to make

Look at these easy to make paper birds! The basic form is half a circle. If you don’t…


Paper plate birds

Violeta Vasileva and the kids from group 4 of Prolet kindergarten, Sevlievo, have sent us these birds! They…


Eco bird feeder made of orange

  This turned out to be one successful and easy-to-make eco-friendly bird feeder. The photo shooting of the…