Red and White PAPER DOLLS

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DIY Paper Hand Fan

The kids that took part in the regular Saturday workshop of the group for kid’s theater Camel in mall…

DIY paper wallet

DIY paper wallet

Let’s make a paper wallet together with the kids from theKREATIVNOST association.  print money:

Paper  Umbrella

Paper Umbrella

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Paper Lamb

The kids from the KREATIVNOST association have made this paper lambs. printable template    see more:


Pumpkin Fantasies

Join the kinds from group 2, “Prolet” kindergarten, Sevlievo, and their teacher, Violeta Vasileva, and make a pumpkin…

Beautiful Hand Fans

Beautiful Hand Fans

Beautiful and easy to make hand fan. You will need: colored sheets of paper scissors paper punch glue…


A table, chairs and an umbrella for playing

  DIY chairs and a table for playing. We have used cardboard cups, drinking straws (for the umbrella),…

summer colague

Where Would I Like to Wake up Tomorrow?

Let’s dream a little bit in the beginning of the summer holiday! Where would you like to wake…



  And the kids love them, too. The holidays are so close, and this is the time of…

Spring Bouquet

Spring Bouquet

Great art for the smallest kids. Fold a green sheet of paper multiple times as shown below (letter,…


A folded paper heart

You need a rectangular piece of colored paper, two more piece of different colored paper (to be glued…

3D garlands-hearts

3D garlands-hearts

This one very easy way to make a 3D garland with hearts on it. To make this garland…


Our favourite reading figures

What kind of books do the kids like reading? Who are they favourite characters? The kids have to…


DIY Easy hand fan

A lovely hand fan, which will cool you during the hot summer days. You will need: a wooden…


Postcard – summer time

The summer – so longed for, so unique Let’s make a postcard with the scent of sea and…

украса за Баба Марта

A white and red garland

You will need red and white square sheets of paper for this garland. The size of the squares…

3 зимни идеи с нагъната хартия

Three easy winter ideas from folded paper

  Have a look at three very easy and beautiful ideas for decoration. We have used only coloured…


Easy cat collage from geometric shapes

    Cats can be of different colours… but we have a notebook with black sheets with which…

великденски яйца за деца

3D Folded Strip EGGS

A colorful idea by our friends from “Креативност” ( www.kreativnost.org) – 3D Easter eggs. You will need two…


2 Easter Paper Crafts

 1. Big paper eggs – easy to cut off and assemble, suitable for Easter decoration. We cut 4-5…


Crocodiles from the Nile

Тhese are the second paper toys (after the snakes) that we played with quite a lot. Perhaps the…


Pumpkins, Pumpkins… LOTS OF PUMPKINS

To make these pumpkins, you will need 4 orange A4 sheets, accordion-folded (lengthwise). They are an easy, beautiful…



This little caterpillar is very easy to make. You will need a long strip to fold into an…


The YEAR of the DRAGON

In my daughter’s class there are two wonderful girls whose mother was born in Taiwan. Shortly before the…

да си направим сами Вещица от нагъната хартия

Folded Paper WITCH

This witch is very easy to make. You will need a black A4 printer sheet. a stapler and…

хелоуин-занимавки за деца, как да си направим прилеп

Toilet Paper Roll BATS

Like it or not, Halloween is increasingly celebrated in Bulgaria. There’s nothing wrong in that- another holiday for…


Let’s Invite the SUN at Home!

My daughter’s teacher asked us to make some paper suns and flowers. When we were done, we decided…

есени листа от хартия


It may be a little bit late to post these autumn leaves, but they are worth it. I…



  The season of summer parties has begun Here’s an easy and eye-catching way to decorate a kid’s…



  These little birds were among our most popular printables this spring. I’m glad that so many people…

направи си сам забавно човече сърце за денят на влюбените

Mr. HEART (Paper Magnet Doll)

This idea belongs to our new virtual friends from Creativity (www.kreativnost.org ). It may seem simple, but thinking…


3 Easy Paper Ideas for BABA MARTA

1.  Paper puppets You will need an A4 sheet of paper. Make an accordion fold parallel to the…


Paper Tree and Snowball GARLAND

Истинска зима е вече, бяла и студена. Our new winter garland is made of snowy trees and white…



These small and beautiful Christmas trees were made of accordion-folded colored paper. They are perfect for Christmas cards…



You need wrapping paper or old magazine (thin leaves work best) and a punch-hole. Fold two identical sheets…