SALT DOUGH Christmas Ornaments

These beautiful ornaments are made of salt dough. Here’s the recipe: 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt, 1…


HANDPRINT Christmas Tree

Тhis Christmas tree was made from kids’ handprints. Make about 15 prints with tempera paint (about 2 on…

Коледна картичка

Handprint SANTA CARD

I know these handprint cards are all over the web, but I would surely miss them if they…

коледни картички картинки за оцветяване

Christmas GIFT TAGS

Рrint out and color these holiday-themed gift tags, then glue on colored paper. See also:  



We got the photos of this calendar house from Pavel and Manuela Mikovi. It’s made of 24 empty…

Christmas  calendar

Christmas CALENDAR

      After you рrint out and color this Santa image, start hiding one number per day…

природен календар

Seasons CRAFTS

This nature calendar was made by Monica from Plovdiv and sent to us by Nina Kohchieva. The pretty…


Pumpkin Candleholder

This butternut squash was magically transformed into a candleholder. Before you buy, make sure that the one you…


Witch Finger COOKIES

  A super-easy recipe that will stir up kid creativity. For the dough you will need: 280g flour,…

Закачки за маскен бал

Oksana’s CARNIVAL FUN Ideas

Easy and creative carnival ideas from our regular contributor Оksana Danailova from  Blagoevgrad. You will need paper, felt…

как да си направим хартиени вещици

Printable WITCH DOLL

This witch was inspired by Le Blog de Cathnounourse, but as the printable file is very badly scanned,…


HOW TO DRAW a Pumpkin in Watercolor and Wax Crayons

Here’s an easy way to draw a realistic pumpkin:   We used a white wax crayon to create…

шаблони за хартиени играчки без лепене


We have a real passion for paper toys Kids can color them in, cut them following a simple…


BAT Printable

  Halloween is near, so we decided to make this paper bat, which is one of the 12…

есени занимания а деца, есеннна декорация

FALL Window Decoration

  Fall’s here! Get some of its warm sunshine home by decorating your window with some pretty translucent…



Heartfelt Greetings Quick and easy! Fold an A4 sheet of paper in two. Place your hand close to…


Love is… THE POINT

This easy and fun pointillist technique has already been featured on KROKOTAK. It’s especially suitable for making a…

фенери от тишу хартия

Tissue-Paper LANTERNS

Tissue-paper heart lanterns You will need empty jars (low, wide ones work best), tissue paper, pipe-cleaners and diluted…


SAND Hearts

What a fun and creative project – with just some sand, glue and paints! Iva from   The Land…

картонени чинийки, plate kids craft, heart


You can make these heart-shaped baskets in a flash… …then fill them with candy to give away… ……

Главоблъсканици за по-големи деца

TANGRAMS for Grade-Schoolers

HEART TANGRAM The heart holds many puzzles… but this one is so fun to solve it’s been around…

занимания за свети Валентин

BADMINTON Racket Heart

A Valentine project with a difference – for a family who loves sports or just playing together. The…

YARN Hearts

YARN Hearts

These hearts are super simple -all you need is some yarn and diluted PVA glue. They are also…


HOLD ON to your love

I saw a friend’s photo of my favorite Apartment101 Cofe@Bar in Plovdiv, where the candleholders are made of…


KROKOTAK’S 3rd Birthday!

  This giant colorful heart is for all of us writing on Krokotak – all the kids, parents…

задачки за разпечатване за Свети Валентин


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Kitchen roll rings and felt roses make this Valentine Day’s wreath Gergana Georgieva sent us pictures of her…


Last-minute VALENTINES

These super-easy cards take just a couple of minutes – and no special materials. Snail card – just…

да си направим кошничка сърце

Foam Sheet FIGURES

Foam sheets are our new passion – they are so soft and so easy to cut with scissors!…



I was really happy to get those photos from Geri (our 15-years old contributor Gergana Lazarova). Not only…

хартиено човече със сърце

So SORRY Paper Man Template

We missed a BIRTHDAY! …it was our own. Taken up in a myriad chores, trying frantically to fit…

сърце от кори за яйца за свети Валентин


To make this 3d heart picture, you will need 2 egg cartons (i.e. 12 ‘nests’), red tempera paint…


SALT DOUGH Martenitsa

What is ‘martenitsa’? In Bulgarian folklore the month of March is often portrayed as a plump, cheerful old…

идеи за мартеници

RED-AND-WHITE Animatedhome

These  colorful baba Marta ideas were suggested by Tsvetelina of animatedhome. What’s ‘baba Marta’ and why have we…

мартеница, баба Марта

Martenitsas from DREAM AND HAVE FUN

Maraiana from “Dream and have fun” made these wonderful red-and-white yarn charms. This beautiful custom is even dearer…


LAMB Martenitsa

Our friend Eli came up with the idea of this little lamb martenitsa. It was made from acorns,…



Big Lego-style building blocks are a permanent feature of our floor… but Vihra from razvihreno.com сame up with…

ЕСЕН - картинки за оцветяване

FALL Coloring Pages

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картинки за оцветяване за най-малките

Coloring pages FOR THE VERY YOUNG

For young kids who love to color (as there are those who a slower to warm to this…

картинки за оцветяване - Гергьовден

ST GEORGE’S DAY Printable Games

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