Christmas toys from aluminium foil

This is part of our homemade Christmas decoration. Two pairs of kids’ hands made them, competing which picture…


Santa from a spоon and make up remover pads

   You need:  plastic spoon red thread red felt tip pen, googley eyes and glue This is how…


Winter house with cotton

An awesome decoration of a winter house – by the idea of Zlatka Nikolaeva and the kids of…

ice cream skiers

Ice cream skiers

  To make these ski racers you need this template, two toot-picks and two ice cream wooden sticks….



Let’s make a snowman together with the kids from the KREATIVNOST association. cut a big circle from white…

Two Paper Reindeers

Two Paper Reindeers

Rudolph with a lollipop nose – a sweet, small and cute present:) Print the template. We copied it…

christmas ornaments

Nine Ideas for Christmas Toys from Colored paper strips

1. Paper balls – you need 7 ribbons.   How to make a ball? The ribbons are equal….


Beautiful angels from clay

  You need air dry clay and think metal wire. Make a base from clay and put two…


Stars from looms, wooden sticks and thread

    These looms are in every house – small and not so small kids are crazy about…


A letter to Santa

  We have prepared a letter to Santa template for you. You just have to print it and…

DIY Christmas Postbox - Santa

DIY Christmas Postbox – Santa

Christmas postbox – Santa. It is made of a shoe box decorated with colored paper. There are on…

Коледен календар - дядо Коледа

Christmas Advent Calendar – Santa

This is our new CHRISTMAS ADVENT CALENDAR. It is easy to cut, color and glue. Glue it on…


Fir Tree from Colored Paper Strips

  You need: a piece of cardboard paper for base wooden stick colored ribbons – mostly green and…

Santa - napkin ring and beautiful tag4

Santa – napkin ring and beautiful tag

You will have a beautiful Santa after placing the white template on a red napkin. The template is…

An DIY easy bell and paper wreath

An easy bell and paper wreath

1.Bell – You need a piece of yellow cardboard paper cut in the shape of a circle, a…

5 great ideas for winter decorations from eye make-up remover pads

5 great ideas for winter decorations from eye make-up remover pads

Look at these five great ideas for winter decorations from eye make-up remover cotton pads. 1. Snowman and…

DIY monster gloves


Make a jolly monster from a single glove (if you happen to have lost the other one). It…


KROKOTAK’S morning coffee with cups of empty toilet paper rolls

One of my last morning rituals. The coffee brand is not important – my hands need to hold…


Snowman from a pillow (IKEA)

Have a look at this easy and quick way to make a soft toy – a snow man….


Woven toys on a piece of cardboard paper

You can easily make a loom out of cardboard and to weave such dolls on it. It better…


How to make “scary eyes” for easy decoration

It takes no time and materials to make such scary eyes which you can stick anywhere:) Draw several…


The “chopped” finger trick

Have a look at a trick, taken from the Big Book of KnowHow/ Usborne.  We have it a…

Страшни къщи от тикви


Here we present the scary pumpkin houses. They were created by the kids from Kid’s architecture workshop.  See more…


6 Dance Crafts

Get crafty with these dance related projects that you can make at home! 1.SNOWFLAKE BALLERINAS for Little Hands…

Куранийки -тиквички

Cookies – pumpkins

The recipe for these cookies is: 200 g of wheat 100 g of butter 100 g of powdered…


Spider web from thread and dry branches

Gather a few dry branches from the park. They will help you make such a spider web. You…

geometric shapes

SHAPES witch

Make a witch using geometric shapes! It’s easy to make a Halloween witch using just few geometric shapes –…

DIY Funny hanging skeleton

Funny hanging skeleton

You will need: a piece of white cardboard paper lack marker drinking straw scotch tape scissors Sketch something…


Spider decorations with prints

  Have a look at these beautiful notebook covers and invitation cards made by us with the help…


Autumn mandalas

  Mrs. Madlena Georgieva and the kids from group Winnie the Pooh group from kindergarten First of June,…


DIY the shoes of the witches

Have a look at this quick and easy way to make the shoes of the which. You can…


Colorful spider web

Have a look at this idea of the kids from Art-Center Pleven. It shows how to make a…


Pumpkin – autumn leaves decoupage

This craft is so easy. You need a beautiful pumpkin, small autumn leaves, PVA glue and a brush….


DIY: Reusable Shopping Bag

I am one of the biggest fans of Rumi from “Something…”. I myself consider her part of the…


DIY fairy tree house

Have you ever dreamed to create your own fairy tree house? See how the kids from Kid’s architecture…


Witch, made of black bags and a bottle of mineral water :)

Have a look at our home-made garden witch. We are getting ready for Halloween. The materials for this…


Three cats’ stories in paper

  Inspired by book about the cat FISH, that we have just finished reading, we decided to make…


Hedgehog with spines

In no time you can turn the fallen chestnut shells in the park into small and cute hedgehogs….


Owl’s stories :)

Have a look at this great idea presented by Fantasy – Extracurricular activities – a decoration of autumn…

Бухал от хартия - изрежи, прегъни и сглоби

Paper owl – cut, fold and assemble

This owl is part of KROKOTAK’s book  “Paper animals cut and fold”. It’s good for kids aged over…