A Plastic Bottle Basket


This awesome idea was sent to us by Eli Radkova, a teacher in Maya the Bee group in Chuchuliga kindergarten, Plovdiv (Bulgaria).  What you need is: a plastic bottle (a big or small one), scissors, PVA glue, stapler or double-sided tape, different color of handkerchiefs.

  • Cut the bottom of the plastic bottle. Cut a band from the other part of the bottle. It will be used as a handler of the basket. Fasten it with the stapler.
  • Spread glue on the basket and cover it with а green handkerchief. Make a “wick” from another green handkerchief and weave around the handler.
  • Make additional decoration from the handkerchiefs.
  • First weave them to make a “wick”, and once again in the form of a “snail”.

The big basket is made of a big plastic bottle for water. The technique is the same.

Here you have “eggs” that are cut from the remaining of the bottle.

They are fastened with the tape and after that covered in handkerchiefs in different colors.

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    Very good ideas to work with childrens

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