This is an autumn leaves idea from an author we like a lot – Veliana from “Two with mommy”:

In autumn, when the trees begin their fairy masquerade, when squirrels feverishly collect winter supplies, woodpeckers refuse to stop with repairs and hedgehogs darn scrappy their coats… when the wind invents new shenanigans and the sun wearily turns headlong into the clouds… at this time of the year, nature is ready for its latest theatre performance.

And since everyone is too busy with collecting, cleaning, sewing and slumming, someone has to do the casting of „actors“. Small, large, yellow, orange, brown – in the park or in the woods – autumn leaves could turn into fairy tale characters and to play amazing stories. Wondering how to do this? Well, we’ll show you…

You need: autumn leaves (different shape, color and size), wood sticks, scissors, glue, pens, cup of hot tea


Shape the leaves with scissors so as to obtain your desired fairy-tale characters (we have fox, cat, ladybug, fish …). Draw with pens eyes and emoticons.6 Glue carefully each of the leaves on the stick and your actors are for theater! Which story they will play now?..

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