Silicone Jewellery – How To Guide


The idea and pics for these silicone jewellery came from the kids’ workshop “Sruchko” for the small and big, Sofia:

Silicone Jewellery  - How-To Guide


You need:


  • - hot silicone gun
  • - silicone rods (general, colored, витх глиттер)
  • - pattern wrapping paper
  • - small beads
  • - rings, earring hooks, thread
  • - scissors
  • - needle
  • - candle


When you have all the materials you can start with the whole process.


Start with the cutting of the paper into smaller pieces. With the aid of the silicone gun sketch the shape that you have chosen, scatter or line the beads, as you like. Fill in with hot silicone. Leave it for a while for the silicone to cool, then cut the shape. it is interesting when the shape is asymmetric, so don’t be afraid – no mistakes are possible :)


With the help of a hot Make a hole in of the ends of the jewellery. But a metal ring in the hole, then a thread and the jewellery is ready. The procedure is the same with the rings and the mascot. You can add safety pins, more beads and whatever you can think of to make a unique jewellery.

Silicone Jewellery  - How-To GuideSilicone Jewellery  - How-To GuideSilicone Jewellery  - How-To GuideSilicone Jewellery  - How-To GuideSilicone Jewellery  - How-To Guidesee more:



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  1. Patricia Winter Cardoso 20/07/2016 at 13:47

    Amei trabalho b com arte infantil e gostaria de partilhar novas idéias desde já obrigada e parabéns pelo trabalho!!!

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