It’s so easy to learn the alphabet through signing and drawing, isn’t it?

That’s why we present again this musical-drawing project, but this time in a more complete stage – with accompanying music and letters for print.

The project is divided into two connected parts:


1. musical – learn the Alphabet Song. You can download the music only in (MIX.mp3) and (MIX.wav) formats.


2. visual – while coloring the letters, they will learn the alphabet easier. We have prepared letters for printing. When, at the end the kids start singing the song, they will have beautiful letters to make their singing even more impressive.


The text and music are written by Vlada Tomova, and the concept of the project is prepared by Meglena Zapreva.

This is part of the workshop, made by Vlada Tomova at Beglika Fest this year.
And these are the first followers of the project.



They have shared with us their photos and video. The kids are from “St. St Cyril and Methodius” school, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Their teacher of their group ::Pesnichka Zvanliva is Magdalena Andonova.


More of the authors of the project:

Meglena Zapreva specializes in a number of different aspects of art and education. She has graduated from the Plovdiv English Language School, has a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and Studio Art from Hunter College and a Master’s degree in Museum Education from Bank Street College of Education.

On one hand, Meglena specializes in developing educational programs in museums and cultural organizations. In the last 17 years, she has worked as a museum educator at The High Line Park, The Frick Collection, Rubin Museum of Art, and Cathedral St. John the Divine. She combines her passion for art and education in creating innovative educational materials and tours for visitors ranging from 5-years-olds to college students.

After founding the program ArtPlant, in which she taught ecology through art experiences at a greenhouse built on a public school rooftop, she has lead professional development for educators focusing on experiential learning, teaching with objects, integrated projects, and designing field trips.

She has lead seminars organized by NY Sunworks, My Museum Foundation, and America for Bulgaria Foundation.

Most recently, she taught fourth grade at the well-known Trinity School in New York, where she also helps teachers integrate field trips into the school curriculum. She also teaches Bulgarian at Young Bulgarian Voices New York, where she is launching an alternative curriculum to serve best children, who learn Bulgarian as a second language.

In addition, Meglena is an artist, who alongside the artist Daniela Kostova initiated the forming of the collaborative art group Bulgarian Collaborative, which includes the singer Vlada Tomova. The group works on multi disciplinary projects such as Smuggle Tactics, which was part of the Queens International 2013 – an exhibition opened during the inauguration of the newly-built wing of the Queens Museum, New York. Presently, the group organizes and engages audiences in pickling workshops intertwined with songs and stories at museums and galleries.

Vlada Tomova – Honoring tradition while embracing the present, Vlada Tomova’s vocal work aims for the heart with earthy sophistication. Called a “Bulgarian vocal sorceress” and “one of the most exciting
voices in the New York global music scene”, Brooklyn’s exquisite Bulgarian
songstress carries haunting, otherworldly energy in her voice. Featuring some of
New York’s finest instrumentalists, Tomova’s world music ensemble, Balkan Tales,
brings modern soul to the Gypsy Balkan diaspora. Reaching far and wide for its
tales, the group’s repertoire stretches from Tomova’s native Bulgaria to the rest
of the Balkans to the Middle East, with flavors of India and Sephardic Spain,
recalling Bulgaria’s cultural origins shaped by ancient migrations. Balkan Tales
channels the joy that helps keep all great folk traditions alive. The group’s self
titled full-length album was released in October 2009/2011 with Bulgarian label
Kuker Music.

Additionally, the Bulgarian-Russian-born, New York-based Tomova founded New
York’s first Bulgarian Women’s Choir, Yasna Voices, and leads her Bulgarian Voices
Trio. Tomova’s work with the Balkan Beat Box continues to receive international
acclaim. Her voice was featured on National Geographic’s touring exhibit King Tut,
and was heard at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Italy.

Tomova recently collaborated with Bulgarian kaval virtuoso Theodosii Spassov
and American sitarist Chris Rael for a US tour; she joined forces with Italian
producers Analog People in a Digital World for a dance track; and released an
album of old Sephardic songs, The Lazarus Rose, arranged by Rael for a world
music orchestra.

Vlada’s appearances include Carnegie Hall (New York), Lincoln Center Out of
Doors Festival (New York), Montreal International Jazz Festival, Chicago World
Music Festival, Cumbre Tajin (Veracruz, Mexico), among many others


The Bulgarian school Young Bulgarian Voices New York is a non-profit organization, founded in 2004 with the mission to teach Bulgarian language, traditions and culture in the region of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. The educational methods are progressive and adapted to the needs of second language learners. Methodology is based on learning through experiences, music, movement, and art. The purpose of the program is to make learning engaging and to foster a long-lasting interest and love for Bulgaria.

The organization is governed by a Board of Directors, elected by parents and it is lead by Yana Kalinkova and Zora Boyadzhieva. The school offers classes and workshops in Bulgarian bag-pipe (gaida), gadulka, tapan, folk dances, choral singing, Bulgarian language and culture.

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