The Plastic Bottle’s New Clothes

The Plastic Bottle's craftsThe Plastic Bottle's crafts

5It’s so easy to transform a plastic bottle.

You need 10 pieces of thread (whatever type you have) in different colors. Each piece needs to be about 1m long.


The Plastic Bottle's crafts

 Weave the threads as shown on the picture (eight nods on the ninth one). The last piece is left for the end. Be sure to fold them exactly in the middle.

The Plastic Bottle's craftsThe Plastic Bottle's crafts

Start making nods on every two threads. Watch the sequence of the threads. The Plastic Bottle's crafts

Before the end of the bottle make the final nods and cut the extra thread.10

Take a new piece of thread and start start stinging together every two opposite nods, making use of the curves of the bottle.​

The Plastic Bottle's crafts
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  1. Iris Lima 09/09/2016 at 12:49

    l Love it. So clever. Amazing.

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