Let’s do a beautiful macrame – so easy even for the kids

Let's do a beautiful macrame - so easy even for the kids

We have begun with the decoration of garden of KROKOTAK.


An easy and and spectacular, and not costly, way to hand your flowers. It is also suitable for the kids whose hands are a little bit more skilful.

I myself don’t like very much the plastic flower pots for hangings that are being sold at the shops :)

We used thick thread, a ring and 13 simple nods.


We have prepared several pictures to show you how easy it for making. It takes about 10 minutes. The only thing that seem harder to make its that when you make the nods at each line, the two side threads have to be linked to make a closed circle. We also tried the beads variant – its great too.


See more ideas for the garden:

gardening with kids


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  1. Рилка 11/05/2015 at 16:38

    Много Ви е хубава идеята!!Толкова е красиво!<3

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