Turtles All Kinds – Sea, Musical, Coin Bank


We have all kinds of turtles.. and everything started from Franklin:) My son is always ready to listen to the stories of Franklin the Turtle :)

 Костенурки всякакви - морски, музикални, с парички

Sea turtle - it has flipper like legs :) … and to the kids’ surprise it did not sink in the pool, it swims like all the other sea turtles.


Green turtle, turned into a musical instrument Maraca, filled with beans.3

… and the favorite one - a Turtle Coin Bank.4

You need a plastic bottle of 1.5 l (its better if it is made of a thicker plastic… the mineral water ones are too bendy). Cut the bottom and put it on a kitchen cloth. Draw a circle as shown on the picture. Add a head, legs and tail.5

Cut and turn round the cloth.6

Fasten the bottom of the plastic bottle to the body of the turtle with the help of a needle and thread. Make an opening for the coins.7

Sew a button – this with pull the thread even more. Draw the eyes, mouth and tail.8

Sea more plastic bottles craft ideas for kids in KROKOTAK:

recycling ideas for plastic bottles

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