Rocket – IKEA Cardboard Boxes

A Cardboard Rocket


This is one easy-to-realize idea – a big rocket that is good for decorating by the small kids. The rocket can stay upright. You just need a big piece of cardboard paper for the two parts of the rocket.

Based on my experience, I consider the IKEA’s cardboard packaging the best for such crafts – there are almost no notices, the cardboard is not very thick, and there is plenty of space with no folds.

A Cardboard Rocket

Our cardboard was per-decorated but this wasn’t a hider for us to make our rocket. We cut the two parts. Because we have forgotten the fins, we attached them with the help of scotch tape.

A Cardboard Rocket A Cardboard Rocket

We decorated the rocket with colored sheets of paper, added some fire at the base, and put together all the pieces.

Easy, simple, and eye-catching!

A Cardboard Rocket

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