KROKOTAK’S morning coffee with cups of empty toilet paper rolls



One of my last morning rituals. The coffee brand is not important – my hands need to hold a cup and my soul longs for few priceless minutes staring through the window, before my lovely little “beasts” wake up :) . The idea for these cups came to my mind last night, while we were reading the book about the rag doll Ann, and Marcella who have invited her toys on a garden party with tea and croissants…..

This morning we have invited all the teddy bears (we have a lot of them at home :) ) with mom’s morning coffee.

картонена чашка за кафе от празна ролка тоалетна хартия

картонена чашка за кафе от празна ролка тоалетна хартия

I have made these cups for ten minutes or so, including their decoration.

You will need an empty toilet paper roll. Cut a small bit of it – you will need it for the handle.

After that make four cuts. Bend them and then glue then – thus shaping the bottom of the cup.

картонена чашка за кафе от празна ролка тоалетна хартия

For the handle – cut the circle, because its too big. Overlay the two ends and then glue it on the ready cup.

Now you have to decorate it with felt tip pens. Cut a circle from a cardboard paper to make the saucer. Decorate it with the same pattern as the cup. Thus you can make a whole coffee set.

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What Others Are Saying

  1. irina 19/12/2014 at 23:29

    Great idea, will make this caps..

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  4. Joana 18/01/2016 at 14:13

    Super cute idea, I have just made some for my little dude, you can see them here:

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