An easy bell and paper wreath

An DIY easy bell and paper wreath

An DIY easy bell and paper wreath

1.Bell – You need a piece of yellow cardboard paper cut in the shape of a circle, a metal thread and several beads. We used stapler instead of glue at the folding of the circle – it is firmer and there is no need to wait for it to dry.


You can make the leaves easier when you fold the paper into two.

An DIY easy bell and paper wreath


An DIY easy bell and paper wreath

2. Christmas Wreath

To make it we used a paper bag (IKEA), which we opened very carefully and then rolled. We shaped the wreath and stuck it with scotch tape.
An DIY easy bell and paper wreath

We used also green paper which we cut it into green ribbons. Then we rolled these ribbons around the skeleton of the wreath and glued them.

An DIY easy bell and paper wreath The wreath and bell combination was very good!

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    Thank you Great Idea.

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    Very Good Idea ! It’s so nice!

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    Ontzettend leuk idee. Dit ga ik zeker ook maken. Bedankt hoor.

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    Ontzettend leuk idee, bedankt. Dit ga ik zeker ook maken.

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