Our favourite reading figures

Our favourite reading figures

What kind of books do the kids like reading? Who are they favourite characters?

Our favourite reading figures Our favourite reading figuresThe kids have to draw the cover of their favourite book on a half A4 piece of paper, folded into two. Then, with the help of another A4 sheet they can easily make this reading figure.

Our favourite reading figures

You will need 2 sheets of paper – a white one (for the book), and a coloured one (for the figure). Cut three long bands from the colpoured sheet. Use two for – legs, and one for hands.

Our favourite reading figures

Bend the upper part of the remaining sheet, and make a hair dress with the help of scissors. Glue to white circles for glasses. Draw eyes and mouth with a black marker.

Our favourite reading figures Glue the hands and the legs.

Now you can place and glue the book in the hands of the figure.

Our favourite reading figures

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