Castanets from bottle caps

Castanets from bottle caps
Castanets from bottle caps

I was amazed how long the kids spent with these cardboard monsters. They kept on clicking and scared each other. It was fun, though a bit noisy :) .

You will need:

  • two beer bottle caps
  • a piece of cardboard paper
  • moment glue
  • coloured sheets of paper for decoration

Castanets from bottle caps

When we glued the caps we fixed them with a rubber band like that. Thus we ensure that the caps will overlap when the glue dries up.

Castanets from bottle caps

We covered the cardboard with the coloured paper and cut eyes. We made also scary teeth.

Castanets from bottle caps

Click-click, have we scared you, mom????

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  1. Placida Martin Martin De Consuegra 07/03/2016 at 13:19

    ¿me podrían mandar información sobre sus trabajos?

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