DIY - rain in a jar DIY - rain in a jar

Have a look at this fun stuff – so matching the season – a DIY rain – with the help of the kids from Kid’s house, Varna. You will need a jar full to the brim with water, shaving foam, heavily diluted blue paint and dropper.

DIY - rain in a jar

Spread the foam on top of the water to make a big cloud.

DIY - rain in a jar

When it is damp outside, the cloud becomes big and heavy, because it fills with drops. The more the drops, the heavier the cloud. Finally the cloud releases the drops and it starts raining:)

DIY - rain in a jar

The blue rain falls slowly and forms beautiful shapes. The kids just love them:) Well, if the scientific part seems too boring for you, throw the jar, spread foam on the table and start the “foam drawing and writing” activity, as we did:)

DIY - rain in a jarн

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