Popcorns and trees in blossom

coverPopcorns and trees in blossom Popcorns and trees in blossom

This is such an easy spring time craft.

Popcorns and trees in blossom

You will need: a paper plate, brown thread, watercolour paints and popcorns.

Popcorns and trees in blossom

We started with the painting of the plate. Then while we were cutting of the thread, the paint dried up. We used PVA glue to make sure that the thread and popcorns will stay firm.

Popcorns and trees in blossom

If you want pink or yellow blossoms on your tree just paint the popcorns with watercolour paint.

Popcorns and trees in blossom

Another variant – with tissue paper and torn pieces of tissue paper.

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    Merci beaucoup pour votre site Je m’en inspire pour les travaux manuels que j’effectue avec les petits que j’accueille (assistante maternelle)

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    Everything on your site is so creative! We enjoyed learning about martenitsa and making our own. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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    I’m loving this site is lovely.
    I’m from Brazil.
    I am a teacher of children aged 6 years and love what I do, for me every day is a new beginning.

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    Hello! I am from Turkey. This is love site. There are good idea
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