Heart-shaped wreath

DIY Heart-shaped wreath A wreath made of hearts for those who are in love and celebrate on Valentine’s Day!

The kids from the KREATIVNOST organisation used various coloured paper tapes to make eight triple hearts intertwined in this wreath.

how to make paper heart


Each heart is made of three paper tapes of different sizes. Each tape is folded by the middle. The hearts are arranged one into the other. The extra paper at the end of the tapes is cut and the hearts are formed and then fastened with a stapler.

The hearts are fastened one another into a wreath, which, in its turn, is fastened onto a red cardboard paper circle. There are small pieces of coloured paper inside the hearts. The heart-shaped pendant is made of five paper tapes.

DIY  Heart-shaped wreath


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    Спасибо за великолепные творческие идеи, для работы с детьми. Если интересно, могу поделиться и своими находками.

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