Let’s make a Mexocan Sombrero

Let's make a Mexocan Sombrero

Let’s make something funny and colourful – a Mexican hat, more popular as Sombrero

Have a look at the idea of our virtual friends from the KREATIVNOST Organisation.

Let's make a Mexocan Sombrero

The base is a paper plate; the bowler part is a plastic cup wrapped in a white handkerchief.

Let's make a Mexocan Sombrero

Cut a whole in the middle of the paper plate and fasten the cup on top of it.

The decoration is colour balls from crape paper and colour ribbons, and coloured tassels on the brim.

It’s cool, isn’t it? ;-)

We would like to thank the KREATIVNOST organisation for the shared idea:)

 See more paper plate ideas for kids in KROKOTAK:


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