Eco bird feeder made of orange

Eco bird feeder made of orange  This turned out to be one successful and easy-to-make eco-friendly bird feeder.

Eco bird feeder made of orange

The photo shooting of the feeder with a bird in it turned out to be the tough job, though:)

The kids enjoyed all day long the company of small pretty birds; some of them waited for their tun on the nearby trees, while the others kept on flying to and fro in front of our window:)

Eco bird feeder made of orange

-Which is the easiest way to separate the grapefruit/orange peel?

-Make some juice, of course.

Eco bird feeder made of orange

Finally, you just need to put two twigs and tie the string at the four ends of the twigs.

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  2. Ирина 09/05/2015 at 22:45

    Как здорово!

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