Mummy gymnast:)

how to make Mummy

I have promised my children a pyramid too this evening… so that our mummy to have where to live. A marvellous toy both for boys and girls… even educational… we have told stories about the pyramids, Ancient Egypt and who actually became a mummy.

how to make Mummy

Our new guest is very flexible – a real gymnast:)

how to make Mummy

You need bandage (I bought eight of the smallest from the nearby drugstore), wire (we bought it from here), and finally a little bit of diluted PVA to make Mummy

This is how the skeleton is made. Roll the bandage on it.

how to make Mummy

When you are ready with the bandage rolling, pour the doll with the diluted PVA glue. Thus the bandage will stay firm. Don’t forget to shape the head first and put the eyes at the end (I knew the mummies didn’t have any eyes, but the doll looks funnier this way).



PS: A day later the mummy got its own home.

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  1. Jasmine 07/11/2016 at 05:17

    You did a great job at creating this gymnastic mummy!!

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