How to Make a Blackboard at Home

How to Make a Blackboard at Home

How to Make a Blackboard at Home

A useful idea for the kid’s room from Mrs. Cherry. She used it to write the weekly lesson curriculum of her son. It can also be used by her smaller kids to express their artistic potential:).

How to Make a Blackboard at Home

Here you can see how to make the straight lines of the blackboard with the help of masking tape. The paint is water resistant, acrylic, specially designed to draw with a chalk on it. You can find it in the specialised stores.


You can draw on the blackboard and after that wipe it easily with a wet cloth.

See more ideas for drawing in KROKOTAK:

drawing for kids


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  1. fatima 26/10/2013 at 13:11

    hi.. good work.. it an amazing idea.. thanks for sharing..

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