Flowers-candies – how to make ones



Today our grown-up krokotak-girl turns 9 years old:). This is the bouquet of flowers-candies, which Vyara took to school this morning.

. Flowers-candies - how to make ones

Make sure to have a flower for every child, so that everyone has a candy. Its a tough task, since there is a little brother around, who has realised that these are not only flowers:)Flowers-candies - how to make ones Flowers-candies - how to make ones

Flowers that have already been tried… yummy!!!! May I try one more?Flowers-candies - how to make onesк

Flowers-candies - how to make ones

Apart from the candies, you need also wooden meat sticks, crepe paper, paper rope (wired), paper rope Twist, as well as masking tape and scotch tape.Flowers-candies - how to make ones

1. Use masking tape to stick the candy to the wooden stick.Flowers-candies - how to make ones

2. You need a piece of crepe paper, about 25 cm by 7 cm. Cut it lengthwise to be able to stretch it from the one end to the other with your hands.

3. Prepare a piece of the paper rope Twist, a little bit longer than the wooden stick. Open it so that it can be rolled around the stick-stem.

4. Cut a piece of paper rope (wired), some 20 cm long.Flowers-candies - how to make ones

5. Roll the already stretched end of the crepe around the candy to make a flower. On the top of it put the wired paper rope and tighten it. This is the whole thing:)

6. At the end of the stem put scotch tape to prevent the paper from unrolling. Use your hands to make the flower itself, gently folding the crepe inside out.

Flowers-candies - how to make ones

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  1. Dreamer 26/09/2013 at 17:53

    Unikalna ideya :3

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  3. Craftastic 20/02/2014 at 19:49

    How did u make this flower part? U should explain more. This is hard

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