sparkly homemade plasticine

We have shown how to make  homemade plasticine before, but this one is different… it’s a starry, sparkly princess plasticine with lots and lots of glitter! Besides having hands of gold, Borislava ( is a really engaging writer, a gift I truly envy her for:
Мy little big girl is confined to bed for a minimum of five days with a virus that gave her an inflamed joint. There’s no mom who can’t vividly imagine what it must be like to keep a young energetic thing in bed without even letting her move her leg.
Being such a good (and modest!) mom, I felt it was my responsibility to make those days more fun and meaningful for my daughter. Of course, we tried all that stuff like watching a short movie a day, reading heaps of books (I’m sorry if you found the children’s sections of bookstores are so empty, please excuse me, I think I bought everything), solving picture puzzles and a lot more. Yet one can quickly get bored with all those things. That’s why we moved on to crafts and while my kid was finishing her watercolor masterpiece, I made a batch of plasticine for her and her sister – but not just any kind of playdough but starry, sparkly princess plasticine with lots and lots of glitter!
It’s not the first time that I made this stuff, but I never thought of photographing the process. As I’m one of those paranoid moms who keep their kids away from any unnecessary chemicals, this plasticine is the only one I let them play with, as I know exactly what’s in it and do not rely on the producer to swear that everything is perfectly safe. We get more chemicals than we suspect through our skin, so you can’t be too cautious when little persons are involved.
You need a steady hand and a little time, but the effort is worth it, and the kids do enjoy being part of the making of their plasticine.  Read the whole article…

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