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-Mom, we have presents for you!!!!

It’s such a bliss to have a village at the end of the world where kids can play all summer long without the constant supervision of their mother, without the thousands of advices to ‘be careful or they will get hurt’. And while grandma is trying to preserve the summer in an army of jars, her beloved grandchildren have found a way to use up old jar lids that are unfit for use… musical lids, filled with rice and perforated with a hammmer and nail into all sorts of designs.

– and no, they didn’t hurt themselves, they didn’t perforate their fingers, the hammer didn’t fall on their feet… the kids invented and produced these musical lids all by themselves. They were terribly proud and happy on Skype that evening :))) ( it’s a good thing that there’s internet in our village at the end of the world)


I saw a demonstration of masterfully punching holes into the cheerful lids… of thinking up the various designs… 5

-of making the holes for tying up the whole thing,

-of making sure they are at the same place for both lids that must fit together (or they are so hard to string, Mom) ,

-of filling them with rice so they would rattle,

-of joining them together with Grandpa’s black isolating tape…. musical lids

I wish every child could have a village at the end of the world like we do, so he or she could live every day of summer vacation to the fullest.

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