Copying Pictures with Indigo Sheets

Did we take you back to your childhood, dear parents?

I had forgotten this fun way to copy pictures from our favorite children’s books. I was reminded by Vyara, who came back from the after-school centre raving about what they did when they were done with their homework… At first I thought I would even not find any indigo sheets in the bookstores, but it turned out that you can find it everywhere. Hooray! Copying Pictures with Indigo Sheets

If you don’t have a printer or if you’d like to color in a particular picture, indigo sheets are a great help!

It’s important to place it right side up over the coloring sheet and under the picture you will be copying. Use a paper fastener to keep the layers together. Trace the picture with a sharp object – we used a wooden skewer but a dried-up pen would work, too. Just don’t use anything that actually leaves a colored trace so you won’t spoil your book.

A pleasant activity for a rainy day when you really can’t play outside!

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