Isle of Myconos Inspired Windmills


Did you feel the seaside mood? I already long to travel to Southern lands. I myself have never been to the isle of Myconosс, but a glance at the internet made me dream about it and add it to the list of places I just have to visit.

The photos were sent to us by Maria Chavdarova Mavrona, who made these windmills at the time of her photo sessions in Athens.2

Имате нужда от: White clay, lolly sticks and toothpicks.3

When you make the windmill shape, make the roof and poke a hole at the place where you’ll later add the sails. 4

The sails themselves are made from wooden sticks (you can buy similar ones at Jumbo) and a little cous-cous. 5

Don’t forget to color the lid to make your windmill just like the real ones. This is a great beginning of summer!

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