Weave a Plastic Bottle Basket



plastic bottle basket

We used a large vegetable oil bottle. It will be even better if you have one with a wider base. Besides being an egg basket, ours can also serve as a flowerpot holder… it has a bottom, it doesn’t leak, and it’s pretty :)

plastic bottle basket

Cut the bottle in two and discard the upper half. Snip the sides of the lower half into an even number of strips.This will help interweave the yarn layers.

plastic bottle basket

Thick yarn yields the best results. Weave it through the strips – in front of one strip, then behind the next one.

plastic bottle basket

plastic bottle basket

Only the end is a little trickier. We folded the ends in and drove them through the weaved yarn. It’s not too delicate, so you may want to line the inside and fold the lining fabric over the edge.

plastic bottle basket

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    Excellent Idea!!!!!!

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