Тhese are some evergreen kids’ games. You always have to prepare a sheet of paper. Why not just print them from KROKOTAK and start playing?


This is a game for two players who take turns to write their marks (X or O) in the squares.
The point is to make a line – vertical, horizontal or diagonal. The one who does it first is wins the game. You can print it out HERE.

морски шах


The rules here are almost identical to the ones above, but instead of writing a X or an O, you place cards with two kinds of pictures. You can print out the game HERE.



точки и чертички

This is a game for two players, each with a felt-tip pen in a different color. Each one has the right to connect two dots. Players take turns connecting the dots, trying to close off a square. Whoever completes a square has the right to write down his initial in it. The player who makes the most squares wins the game.

Print out the game HERE.