DIY sock baby

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Тhis little baby is made from a child’s sock. The more colorful the sock is, the sweeter the baby will be. You can use a pair of socks to make twins.

чорапено бебе

Cut the sock as shown. Fill the lower part with batting or cotton wool.


Cut out a white fabric circle (our sock was size 26-28 so the circle had a diameter of 10 cm). Baste around outline and fill the circle with batting. Pull the basting to close the circle and make the head.


Use pins to mark the lines for the arms and the legs. Stitch tightly, running the needle through the body.


The upper part of the sock will be the head. Turn up and stitch along the edge so it wouldn’t unravel. Glue or sew the parts together. Add a ribbon and a pair of eyes and you will have a new friend to play with.  See more of Hrisi’s wonderful dolls.