I didn’t know it was so easy to make a wiener octopus. It resembles the real sea creatures so well.

Take a wiener and cut one half into 8 long strips. Put them in boiling water and see how the feelers are formed. Arrange the boiled wieners on a baking tray. Put a piece of soft cheese on each wiener to make the hat. Bake just a little, until the cheese is golden. Squeeze some mayonnaise to make the eyes and the mouth. We boiled some shell-shaped pasta to go with the octopuses, as we still miss the beach. The sea was made from tomato puree. Bon appetit!

My daughter still thinks the water in the Red Sea is red. This was a good opportunity to brush up on our knowledge of the colored seas – the Black Sea, the White Sea and the Red Sea. I have promised her to take her there because the underwater world of the Red Sea is imcredibly beautiful and enchanting.


In the summer I keep showing many wiener recipes. They are easy to digest and, naturally, very quick to make. We made the colored cupcakes, too, but they didn’t look very presentable (though they were tasty). We’ll take  a [icture next time we make them.

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