The pirate theme is always popular – lately even with the girls.

You can make this cake with your kids – they can frost and decorate the Pirate ship.

You will need:

4 thin cake layers,

about  250 g each chocolate and vanilla pudding (we used the store-bought kind, but it will be even tastier with homemade pudding).

plenty of chocolate coins,

250 g chocolate cream

assorted nuts

3 wooden skewers for the masts

3 small and 3 big black cardboard rectangles for the sails

blue tissue paper for the sea the Pirate ship will be sailing through.

Put the four layers together and cut them in a ship shape. Frost each layer with cream and sprinkle with nuts. Stack the layers together. Use the leftover pieces to make the deck. Frost the whole cake with chocolate cream.

Now add the masts and the sails. Put the ship on crumpled blue paper and add the ‘gold coins’. If you have any small pirate figures, let them board the ship.