I bought our first hairpin flower at a boutique but it was crocheted rather than knitted. I have a soft spot for knitted flowers as they look so refined, especially in a little girl’s hair. I saw this easy knitted pattern in Let’s Learn to Knit (published by Fiut). After Katerina was patient enough to explain the instructions from the book to me, the method seemed very easy (it didn’t at first, though). Now I can make them with my eyes closed.

Start by making 4 stitches.  Make three rows of knit stitch.

On row 4 wool over the needle after each stitch except the last (you’ll get 7 stitches).

Row 5  make all the stitches in the knit stitch. 

Row 6 – wool over every stitch (you get 13 stitches)

Keep following the same method until you get 49 stiches.

Make 3 rows of them and you’re done.

If you want to make a bigger flower, you may get to 97 stitches. It works, I tried it already! 🙂 

Sew the flower with a needle and thread and decorate with beads.

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