We borrowed the idea from  here and made some pretty impressive green lava.

The experiment turned out very successful and my daughter used up all the pills we had to make the bubbly green lava again and again.

As this experiment involves using pills, it should only be made in the presence of an adult! 

You will need: a transparent container filled with 2/3 vegetable oil, 1/3 water, food coloring (for visual effect) and some alka-zeltzer pills we bought from the drugstore.

After you make the oil, water and food coloring mixture, drop an alka-seltzer pill in and watch the bubbly mixture. When the bubbles stop, drop a new pill and the process will start again. This experiment resembles our favorite volcano.

In this case we used egg dye and MINT – it’s summer, after all, and the mint turned out to be a perfect coloring agent.

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