Young kids love playing with soft and colorful toys. You can easily make these colorful cubes without any special sartorial abilities – and even withough a sewing machine.


You need different fabric scraps. Each block consists of six squares which should be identical in size. The easiest way to make them is use a sturdy cardboard template. Take a look at our template – we have drawn a smaller square on it and we have perforated little holes in each corner. That way you can not only draw identical squares but leave the same  margin, too.


After you stitch the pieces together, leave a small hole which you can use to turn the block inside out and fill it with cotton wool.

It’s best to make blocks in different sizes so you can order them by size (a classic exercise for learning the concepts of ‘big’ and ‘small’).

меки кубчета за малки деца

From our mailbox: Inside these soft block, besides the stuffing, there’s a plastic box with a small metal bolt so it will rattle when shaken. I have used fabric paints as I wanted to be able to wash the blocks in the washing machine after fixing the pictures with a household iron. My child is young and the toys get dirty 🙂  Ralitza

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