DIY Calendar

KROKOTAK has prepared four different childrens’ coloring calendars. This is a good way to learn about the months, the seasons and the weather at each time of the year.

printable coloring calendar

1. Тhis calendar consists of 12 pages, each with a different picture for coloring. You can print it out  HERE.

printable kids calendar

2. A 12-page calendar with an empty frame where the child can draw a suitable picture himself. You can print it out  HERE.

printable kids calendar

3. A 12-page calendar where you can paste pictures your children have already drawn. Cut out a colored paper frame so the drawing will look even better. You can print it out HERE.

детски календар за оцветяване с годишните времена

4. A calendar for the very young – with the four season and the months in them. You can print it out HERE.

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