Maybe because we are on a house-moving wavelength, we are happy to post these modern trends in home and kitchen decor 🙂 

This is the ‘Dream kitchen’ of  ПРИКАЗЕН ДОМ (FAIRY-TALE HOME). It was made by two mommies, Polly and Vivi. It looks so real that the kids want to drink water, bake pizzas and wash the dishes.  See the whole article

And here are two versions of a cardboard house, both made by Boryana Mihova from Sevlievo. Here’s part of her letter:

“I have long wanted to show you the houses I made, and now I got the courage to do so. I make them from freezer boxes I get from the big appliance stores. The rest is lots of glue, cardboard and colored paper. It’s not expensive, and the time it takes depends on the maker’s willingness and imagination.
The last house I made was the white spring-themed one. It was for the Annunciation Day Celebration organized by the I Want a Baby Foundation.

The good thing about these houses is that kids get to help in the making, to аdd to them and to change them with their own pictures and collages. They are quite durable, too. My daughter played with the first one for two years before she grew out of it – and it was still usable despite the wear and tear… 

see more kids craft with paper boxes:

see more kids craft with paper boxes