A Gift for MOM

The idea and the beautiful photos of this necklace belong to Bilyana Getzova. You can look through her pictures of various  handmade things and paper collages for kids. I was so excited when I saw the whole album. Bilyana told me she didn’t even make drawings – she just cut the paper freehand. She’s unbelievable! (the pictures are published by permission from Bilyana Getzova)

Well, KROKOTAK made a bracelet to match the necklace – and we even tried to use the same colors :)

To make one yourself, you will need colored paper scraps which you should cut into tapered isosceles triangles. Make sure the bases are equally wide. Put a little glue at the top. Start rolling them on a pencil or a paintbrush.

String the paper beads on a thin elastic string. You should thread the string from both ends of each paper bead (see picture).

mama mathers day kids craft

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