Тhis is a craft for mothers! And it takes plenty of time. We spent a day making our boxes, and I think that Mila (Солунска 16) didn’t dedicate less time. But when we add that they were for a BIRTHDAY PARTY, for our kids’ birthday party – time doesn’t matter any more :) .

Тhis year our children start school – and the sweet treats for the occasion had to be suitably packaged… (to my great regret we couldn’t have the  simple math cupcakes по from  Take a cake) …Enough talk – here are 2 ideas (Mila’s and mine) for birthday parties with bigger kids, when it’s not OK to bring a cake. :) !

1. Small cookie cones made of colored A4 paper and tissue paper – they are terrific, impressive – and easy to make.

2. Kitten boxes.  We used colored A4 cardboard, a template, colored glitter paint and googly eyes.

box template

see many party ideas for kids:

party ideas for kids

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