We used an ordinary white paper napkin to make the fire. We colored it with watercolor paints and waited for it to dry well. Then it becomes harder and looks like fire. If you want to speed up the process, you could use a hairdryer (as we did) 🙂

diy paper fire

Glue the ends of the napkin together to form the flame.

7За You will need some pebbles to surrond the fire… and some wood to feed it. 5

We cut a cardboard circle for the base and made the wood from crumpled brown paper.


We glued some pebbles around the fire and colored the ‘wood’ with brown paint.



*Sirnitza, or Sirni Zagovezni, is part of the Shrovetide festivities in Bulgaria. According to popular belief, a fire lit up on the ground had the power to rekindle the heavenly fire, i.e. the Sun, after its winter weakness.

summer kids craft