I don’t know who enjoyed the masks more – the little person or the big girls :-)  

Тhese maskes are terribly easy to make. We didn’t even use any glue – just a stapler and scissors. You will need colored cardboard to print out the head template, a colored printer sheet for the trunk and another sheet of paper for the handle.

printable template in PDF format

For the trunk - Cut a 2 cm strip from an A4 sheet of paper and discard. Divide the rest into 4 long strips.

Start folding the strips as shown below, Whenever a strip is over, staple the next one to it. You will need four strips to make the trunk.

We showed the exact folding method some time ago… this time, however, we didn’t even glue the strips together, just stapled them.


Now all you have to make is the mask handle… roll an A4 sheet of paper lengthwise and you’re done.

for party holidays masks costumes

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  1. Kathleen Corbett 27/04/2014 at 12:27

    Perfect for making with my students for simultaneous reading day. Thank you

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