DIY Water Clock

The water clock  (clepsydra) was invented in 3 century B.C. in Ancient Egypt by Ctesibius – an ancient Greek technician and inventor from Alexandria. It allowed people to measure time day and night, indoors, regardless of the weather..see more

The water clock was also used to measure the duration of orators’ speeches. 

The notion of time is very obscure for little kids. They don’t know how long exactly is a minute, 10 minutes or an hour. I am surely not the only one who remembers being asked “How much is an hour? Is it like a short film or a long film?”

To make a water clock, you need a plastic bottle, a pair of scissors, a watch, a permanent marker and a bradawl.

Cut the bottle in two. Make a small hole in the lid. Put the inverted upper part inside the lower one. Use the watch to measure how many drops will fall in one minute, in two minutes, in 3, etc…. and mark the water level on the bottle. When you fill the bottle afterwards, you will always know how many minutes have passed until all the water has dripped down.

Тhis WATER CLOCK can be used to measure the time of every participant in various childrens’ games :)

plastic-bottles craft for  kids


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  2. Denise Pelosi 21/05/2014 at 16:59

    I just love this website. Thank you a trillion, zillion times for taking the time to post all these great projects. I just discovered it today. WOW!

    Thanks again
    Denise Pelosi
    Art Specialist
    Elementary Education

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