diy book dividers


I have always had a problem finding a place for each new book I buy – our house is too small. That’s why we used the weekends to make some book-divider ‘beanies’. We borrowed the idea from this photo.

Download the pattern from HERE (in 2 pages. Cut the patterns a little larger if you can).


I stitched them by hand as I don’t have a sewing machine. I cut two of these funny creatures (they look a bit like rabbits) and then I switched their ears so they would be more colorful and look more like each other. As we have no batting at home, we lined the ‘rabbits’ with a dish towel (the supermarket is closer to our home and it works on weekends, too).

We put a little cotton wool in the ears – and a kilo of beans in each rabbit’s body (use more if you like). We used two buttons for the eyes and embroidered the mouth with yarn.

diy book dividers

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