Some of the entries on our competition use some really interesting techniques! One of those is the scrunched paper mosaic, or ‘торцевание’, as they call it in Russian. I had only seen it on Russian sites but I had never tried it myself. I asked Mariana Kircheva and her 3rd-graders at Sv. Patriarh Evtimii School in Beloslav to photograph the process of making their beautiful pictures. 

You will need colored tissue or crepe paper, scissors, glue and a drawing to glue the paper pieces on. Make sure the outlines are simple enough.

Cut the paper into 1cm wide strips, then into squares.

Put each paper square between your thumb and forefinger; push it in the middle with a wooden skewer or thin paintbrush and swirl it a little .

Glue the element to the outline that has already been covered in glue (work one area at a time). When you place your piece, carefully pull the skewer upward. Lay the elements one by one until you have covered the whole painting.

Most of the pictures were made by Veliana Vulcheva and Veronika Hristova.


These are some of the pictures by the kids from Hristo Botev School in the village of Turnava. They were sent to us by Maya Todorova.