These beautiful spring flowers were made from paper rope.

You will need about 1 m of paper rope to make one flower.


To make the petals, cut out a lenght of paper rope. Use your fingers to spread the paper.

To make a pair of petals, twist the rope in the middle and fold the ends under the shape. Use your fingers to make the bulges. You don’t have to add any glue.

We made a short  instructional video of this particular moment.

After you have prepared three pairs of petals, join them in the middle with a piece of paper rope or with strong glue to make a flower. Shape the centre from a different pieces of paper rope and glue it in the middle.

To make this type of flower, you only need to prepare two elements and tie them together to make the desired shape. Make the handle from green paper rope that has been opened, covered with glue and rolled back.

spring kids craft