Make white napkin flowers then decorate them with watercolor paints.

These flowers were made from colored napkins… but they look as though they were made from fabric.
I saw this idea at and I really, really liked it. Take a look at the whole site if you have the time… it’s fantastic. I wanted to see if these flowers really looked so gorgeous.. yes they do, and they are so quick, easy and cheap to make!

You need 5 square napkins which you must fold diagonally. Take a needle and thread and pierce the two opposite ends of the triangle you got…

Use the same thread to string the remaining 4 napkins, making sure you follow the same direction. Tighten well and tie up.

Using the same thread, start running through the third vertex of each napkin. Finish by stitching to the center of the flower. Run the thread at the back, which is actually the front part of the flower. Tighten again.

Staple together the individual napkins at the back to make your flower strong enough to be shaped by hand.

And now for the best part, coloring the flower. You may use watercolor paints, adding more water so the colors will run beautifully all over the napkin.