Paper BOUQUET for Mother’s Day

Paper BOUQUET for Mother's Day Paper BOUQUET for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is near. This is a bouquet that we made from an A4 sheet of paper that we folded a couple of times along the dotted line :) You are welcome to print out our template.

diy bouquet for mom букет за мама - направи си сам

template - шаблон за букет за мама

занимания за деца за 8 март, картинки за оцветяване

What Others Are Saying

  1. Bostjan 17/03/2013 at 23:02

    Materinski dan

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  6. Donna 08/05/2014 at 06:33

    What an enjoyable site you have. My kinders will do paper bouquet in the morning and yes, they will love giving this to their moms.

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  9. Anna 26/04/2015 at 00:35

    Great idea! Simple and pretty. I will use it at my English classes dedicated to the mother’s day! Thanks for sharing!

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