paper bird

I had almost forgotten to post these colorful birds in KROKOTAK – I’ll blame it on the snow outside. They were standing on my desk and gently swaying with every movement around me. Luckily, Dobrin noticed them again and reminded me to write about them.  I took the idea from here but as I don’t have enough thick cardboard, I used thin wrapping paper and some colored A4 sheets. (This means I cannot hang the cage or it will lose its shape).

You will need an A4 sheet of paper to make the bars. Cut the paper into 4 long strips. Use an empty box of processed cheese for the base of the cage (what a horrible word!).

Fold a strip of wrapping paper lengthwise and glue it to make it sturdier and colorful on both sides. Use it to decorate the lower part of the cheese box.

Glue the strips carefully, making sure they are symmetrically attached to the round base.

Add the bird inside, folding some paper to make the wings. Hang it with a piece of string. I added a bead above  and a bead below for extra weight.