Тhese are our big paper flowers. We made one bouquet for school and another one for Elena, who has a birthday today.

“Happy birthday, ELENA!”

We used a different type of paper to make each flower – tissue paper, thin paper and thick crepe paper.

1. Tissue or thin crepe paper flower.

These two flowers use papers with different thickness, but the final results are almost identical.

We have used tissue or crepe paper in several colors, some pipe-cleaners and some beads.

We accordion-folded all sheets of paper lenghtwise. For a flower with a diameter of about 30 cm we cut the standard 56-70 см crepe sheets in two. We needed between 8 and 10 sheets to make each flower.

We shaped the edges with scissors to make them look prettier.

Start folding up carefully each layer to the center. First on one side, then on the other.

This is the finished flower from both sides. Now all you have to do is add the stem.

To make it, you will need 2-3 sheets of green tissue paper. Fasten it with a metal wire or a long pipe-cleaner to make it sturdier.

Take a look at other flowers made using the same technique.


2. Crepe paper flower.

Take a piece of crepe paper and stretch one end with your fingers. Fold it into an upside-down cone.

If you have pipe-cleaners and beads, you might put them inside the flower beforehand to make the ‘stamen’.

And new and bigger layers of crepe paper, securing periodically with florist wire or pipe-cleaners.

Make the stem from 3-4 layers of green tissue paper.

This is the final result.

3. Thin crepe paper flower.

Cut out a piece of thin crepe paper and secure the ends with sticky tape to make a ‘double’ layer. Take the ends of the new shape and secure with sticky tape again. Use the same technique to make 6 or 7 ‘petals’ for your flower.

You can roll some stretched crepe paper to make the flower’s base, then arrange the finished petals around it. Secure with some florist wire or sticky tape to make a beautiful flower head. Use 2-3 layers of green tissue paper to make the stem.

Today’s post turned out really long. But I can’t resist showing you the beautiful vase we made from an empty detergent container. We removed the labels and added paper ribbons in several colors.